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‘Misrepresentation’- a documentary on the portrayal of women as ‘bitches and ditzes’


I’ve been on a TED|Talks Trip!

December 1 was the TEDxWomen event and I happened to attend a live webcast at TEDxBerkshires hosted at the gorgeous Winthrop Estate in Lenox.

There were several inspiring, amazing and heart-breaking stories but the one I’m posting about today is a documentary called Misrepresentation by  Jennifer Siebel Newsom.

While I’m a champion of women using their bodies in any damn way we please, Misrepresentation really got me thinking. About all the things we, as girls/women, think we can/cannot do. I’m not against the sexualisation of women per se but I agree with the film-maker that there is definitely a need for a more balanced portrayal of women in the media.

As Ariella, a young high school student interviewed in the film says, “There is no appreciation for women intellectuals. It’s all about the body. Not about the brain.”

Watch the trailer below.