New Indian Express:

Grays That Speak published January 1, 2011
A Gorgeous Pearl Of a Comic published December 04, 2010.
Gangsters and Ghosts in a New Format published October 16, 2010
Safer Inside the Violence than Outside published September 18, 2010
Satirising the Mahabharatha published July 31, 2010
Unmasking the Creators Behind our Favourite Comics published June 19, 2010
JUMP into a Comic Democracy published June 05, 2010
Like Netflix for Comics  published May 22, 2010
A Trailblazer’s Path published March 20, 2010

Hyphen Magazine
Books: A Re-Telling of ‘Antigone’ published October 10, 2012
Books: Love in the Internet Age published September 20, 2012
Books: Finding Love and God published February 22, 2012
Books: After the 1993 Mumbai Riots published January 11, 2012
Books: Teenage Existential Angst published January 4, 2012
Books: Iran’s Disappeared published November 16, 2011
Books: Children’s Book Set in War-time Shanghai published November 2, 2011

Herzog by Saul Bellow published February 2012

US Lanka News
Meet Actress Thushari Jayasekera From ‘Outsourced’ published September 4, 2011

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