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Video: The Kuru Circus Live @ CounterCulture, Bangalore


For about a year now, I’ve been working on Ari Jayaprakash’s epic graphic novel, The Kuru Chronicles. With him in Bangalore and me writing in the States, I’ve been blissfully unaware of the monster that Ari has managed to create. And what a monster the Kuru Circus is. As my uncle said, “Circus is the right word”.

The event is best described as a Kuru Experience. There were musicians, dancers and live art set to this music I can’t even begin to describe. THe Kuru Circus performed at CounterCulture Cafe, Bangalore on July 22, 2012. There was a showcase of all the artwork and original Kuru manuscripts, Kuru concept art by Delhi-based artist, Sid Barik as well as art by Aakash Anand. Aakash is the creator of India’s first ever abstract comic. Check him out here.

I will post some better video when I get my hands on some but for now, here’s what I managed to capture with my little iPod Touch. While sound quality is decent, the stage was pretty dark and iPods don’t do well in minimal light. There’s no way to add light to it- that I know of; I mean, I’m no video star, so if anyone has any ideas, email me or something. 🙂

It was really amazing to be around such a creative group of people. I was really blown away though by the fact that they’ve all come together to create their own interpretations of our little book because they like it: the story, the concept, the idea. They’ve been inspired enough by Ari’s art to want to create something for it. In particular, I love how something static like a book, and still photographs and artwork has inspired performance art. For me, as a writer, it was interesting to witness their creative process during rehearsals; interesting to see their interpretations of our work. It’s certainly added a whole new layer for me and I’m seeing the book differently now. It’s definitely going to be richer from their work and for that, I can’t say thank you enough!So thank you everyone who came to the show; all the musicians, the dancers from The Storm Factory and all the artists who put on an incredible live art show! I may not be there for the next Kuru Circus show but I’ll be there in spirit. ❤