Published: Short Story– It’s Not Me, It’s You


Last March (2011), Everyday Fiction published my short — It’s Not You, It’s Me. It’s a story about a failing marriage and, ironically, was written when I felt the sunniest. 🙂 Weird how the stories come. Maybe they really do have a life of their own and they come out when they are ready, irrespective of how I feel. I wonder if that’s true for other writers/artists as well.

WARNING: The story contains some sexual description and mature themes.

Here is a link to the story and below is an excerpt:

“In Thirunelveli this summer we did nothing but visit your relatives and eat. Every meal was the same: white rice, brown kozambu. Your mother’s sarees were all soft, old and cottony but she insisted that I wear stiff Kanjeevaram silks all summer-day long. She thrust them at me, mute, her lips set in a straight line and then turned around to throw mouthfuls of strange words at you.”


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  1. I agree. Sometimes the story comes faster than I can type it in, sometimes I have to work at it, and sometimes it’s just not gonna happen. Occasionally it leaves in mid-stream. I’ll be steaming along at full throttle, knowing exactly where I’m going, then I’ll reach the end of a sentence and the next one is gone like it never was.

    That’s when it’s time to go do something else for a while. Trying to force it results in either garbage or nothing at all. It’s best to relax and go mow the lawn or whatever. The urge shall return when it’s ready to.

  2. True. Sometimes you just have to let it go. But then, it’s the getting back that’s hard to do!

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