Press: Bangalore Mirror covers The Kuru Chronicles


If you’ve looked at the art for The Kuru Chronicles, you already know it’s not the kind of art you’d expect to see in a graphic novel. Adding a little more to the unexpectedness of our graphic novel, may I present- the music.

Yep. We have music. We have a band. They’re called the Kuru Circus and they create these completely eerie soundscapes based on our storyline. The one embedded is a song called Nasadiya – inspired from the Rig Veda‘s Creation Hymn called Nasadiya.

Want more? Check out Ari’s YouTube page.

Okay, so getting back to the title of this post: Prashant Vidyasagar of Bangalore Mirror managed to hold Ari down long enough to talk about The Kuru Chronicles Kuru Circus (the band!) and his artwork.

Below is an excerpt. Click here to read the full article.

“The Kuru Chronicles is a novellascape set in a dystopian Calcutta (of the future).  The novel was inspired by the city of Calcutta where Ari has spent the last couple of years, the spiritual concepts of the Vedas, the left-hand path of the Aghoris and various other cinematic, musical and visual influences that he has had over the years.”

I’m pretty excited about all the buzz being generated while I sit in my little Berkshire cave typing away. 😀


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