Anisha Sridhar is a writer and educator interested in the intersections of gender and technology.  She is a published journalist and fiction writer. She also writes comics and screenplays.
She is currently working on The Kuru Chroniclesa graphic novel created by Ari Jayaprakash:

Set in a parallel dsytopian Calcutta future, on a cold winter morning, 5 entities are brought together in a singularly extraordinary event. The aftermath of which coincides with the advent of Kalki and the Kali Yuga.


Contact Anisha Sridhar:
Tweet @21centuryfoxcub


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  1. Hi Anisha Sridhar

    Great work of art and creativity. understand graphic novel and comics in India is hard to find in intellectual Indians and I am seeing a great beginning with your writings.

    • Credit for the artwork on The Kuru Chronicles rests solely with Ari Jayaprakash. And thank you for your kind words. 🙂

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